Sunday, May 8, 2016


  Front View While Resting

 Front View While On
Fan is on and LED's are lit up
 Side View While On
Fan is on and LED's are lit up.
 Side View While Off
 Inside Look (While Off of Course)
Back View While Off

Couldn't Get a Back View While On because all the cords to make it turn on are behind a desk.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Assembly / Performance

Sadly, I wasn't able to capture the building on video as a time lapse, although it did take place throughout the course of a week or two, not all in one sitting. This was due to some, complications. Apparently the research I did on my CPU was invalid. The socket type wasn't compatible. I noticed that the motherboard had many different socket types and one that I looked into was Sempron. I thought it was, a motherboard socket supported many different CPU sockets. This was not the case. I looked up "what does sempron support" and it came up with a lot of stuff including FM2. So, I got a CPU with a socket type of FM2. After some gruelling and frustrating time of trying to get the CPU into the motherboard, it ended up with some bent pins on the CPU. That wasn't good.

So we had to order a new CPU. But this time, I discovered that it wasn't CPU socket types that were under a motherboard socket type, they had to match. So the motherboard quite literally supported CPU's with "sempron" socket types and "athlon" and etc. So I got a CPU with the socket type of "AM3". This one. after arriving, fit in the motherboard as snug as a bug in a rug. It went in without a problem. The fan was a bit difficult, but we got it. Mounting the motherboard was really the only other thing that proved challenging about putting everything into place, so other than that it went smoothly up until the time came to wire everything. Wiring took forever, because it all had to be in the right place and not move or budge or do anything. And most importantly, EVERYTHING had to be wired. You couldn't miss a thing. Wiring took hours. After everything was done...

It didn't work. I opened it back up and went inside, double, triple checking everything. It all seemed in line except for one thing. The guide I was reading off of said that I would have a 4-Pin cable that needed to plug in somewhere else on the motherboard, but I had a 6-pin cord that said "CPU" on there. And it wasn't just an extra cord, it was one of the ones that was permanently connected to the power supply, so it HAD to be there. I eventually saw a 6-Pin plug somewhat near the CPU, so I tried plugging it in there and low and behold, it worked! A couple days ago I went back in with my friend Willison to plug in the case fans because I had an issue with overheating and it runs perfectly! Willison is also building a computer, you should check out his blog here. I'll have pictures and maybe some videos of how well it runs soon!